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Free e-Books: Get Started

This guide will help you find free e-Books and audio books.

e-Reader Apps

Many devices need an app to download a specific e-Book format. You can also use an app to read e-Books on your PC or MAC. Find the apps on the sites below.

Specialized Formats

Daisy is for the visually impaired. Some versions of Daisy are "locked" and need a special key or code from the Library of Congress for access.

DjVu means that the book is streamed to your computer and no special apps or programs are necessary. 

Free e-Books

You can find lots of free e-Books and audio books on the web. However, U.S. Copyright law states that materials less than 70 years old are protected by copyright and are not available for free. Luckily, many classics can be found here, including some used in English and American Literature classes. 

e-Book Formats

Follow this chart to find out which e-Book formats your device can download:

   AZW   ePub   HTML   Kindle   Mobi   PDF   .txt
Kindle Fire
Kindle Paperwhite
Nook Glowlight
Kobo Glo & Aura

Organize Your e-Books


Free Downloadable Audio Books