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Library Resources in Blackboard

Guide designed for instructors to add direct links to WCC Library electronic resources into Blackboard course site

Linking to a Research Database

You can link to any of the WCC research databases in Blackboard.

This page will provide you with the options available to you and how to create the link for easy access on and off campus.


To provide off campus access to research databases, articles, and   e-books you must preappend the URL link with  ezproxy address

Link to all research databases

The WCC Bailey library offers over 40 research databases that index newspapers, magazines, trade publications and journals for student research. The research databases are accessible from off campus by login with WCC NetID and password. Students have access to the databases anytime anywhere.

There are many options available to linking the research databases to Blackboard.

Link to a Specific Research Database

Another option is to embed a link to a specific database into Blackboard.

1. From the list of research databases

2. Select the database you want to link to in Blackboard. 

3. Mouse over the database name, right click and select copy shortcut.,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=afh

4. Paste link in Blackbaord

It is important that you copy the ezproxy link to allow access from off campus. If it is not copied, append the Library's proxy address,    to the beginning of the database URL

Example of Opposing Viewpoints link 

Blackboard Instructions Step by Step

Attached is a document that will provide you with steps to adding a link to library resources in Blackboard. 

First, decide where you want to add the link?  To an Assignment Tab? To a Unit Tab? To a Reflective Writing / Journal Tab?  To a Library Tab?