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Massive Open Online Course - MOOCs

What is a MOOC?! Designed for the novice user to help you understand what a MOOC is and how to use it.


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A MOOC is a free, online course available to anyone.

  • MOOC = Massive, Open Online Course.
  • MOOCs are aimed at large scale participation.
  • MOOCs are often hosted on a wiki, blog or a Google site.
  • MOOC activities might include watching videos, posting on discussion boards, and commenting via social media platforms.
  • MOOC instructors may use social media tools to foster collaborative participation and peer-to-peer learning.
  • MOOC participants come from many walks of life. Courses benefit from a rich diversity of ideas.

Differences between MOOCs and OER (Open Educational Resources):


  • Material can often be remixed and redistributed. 
  • No faculty participation. OER materials are out on the Web for use by others without interaction.  


  • MOOCs are not changeable in any way. 
  • Full or mini courses have a specific start and end date. 
  • Faculty or graduate assistants participate in the course and interact with students.