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Nursing 232 Nursing of Children

Use this guide to assist you with finding professional articles for your nursing of children assignment

NUR 232 Research Assignment and Discussion

Your assignment is to find a research article relevant to the care of children. You will present the article online in post-conference Blackboard. Criteria for article:

  1. Article must be from a professional journal.
  2. Article must be no longer than 5 pages in length.
  3. There are no set topics. Suggestions would be to choose an article about disease, treatment, procedure or medication that you are interested in, and is related to the care of children.
  4. Article must be approved by instruction.
  5. Print two copies of approved article.


How to Narrow Your Topic

Always have a subject in mind before you begin your research. If you have no subject in mind, search the e-version of the Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health:  Infancy through Adolescence below.

Tips to narrow a subject. If this was your topic:

What are the treatments for children with anxiety disorders?

Brainstorm synonyms for the terms that you are searching. You will want to come up with related terms in order to expand your searching.


treatment  -- you can also use medical care or cure or therapy or remedy 

children -- you can also use adolescence or kids or preteens or boys/ girls

anxiety -- you can also use fear or panic or stress 


In several of our research databases, you can narrow a topic by selecting a subdivision.  For example in Health Reference Academic, you can search for the subject anxiety, then click the subdivision.  You can then select causes and treatments.

With several of the research databases, you can also use the term research or studies as keyword in your Advance search. This will help with identifying studies about yoru topic. It will

Searching CINAHL using Publication Search

Another suggestion is to search the full-text to the Pediatric Nursing journal in CINAHL.  Click this link to find out how to limit a search to a specific publication in CINAHL.


Pediatric Nursing

Finding a Topic Related to Children and Health