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CJT 154: Everyday Law I: Law and Civil Liberties

Use this LibGuide for the course Moot Court Oral Argument

Moot Court

                         Court room with people and judge Moot Court


                            Moot Court retrieved from

How to Use this Guide

This guide is designed to refer you to books, articles, databases, and other resources that will help you research, write, and argue issues in your mock moot court.

Read your Case

All legal research should start with an analysis of the legal issues. Read your record to find out:

  • what issues are involved;
  • what legal principles you need to learn more about; and
  • what major cases the lower court relied upon.

Once you have read your record:

  • gather any legal materials mentioned in the record;
  • read the cases, statutes, regulations, and other legal precedent and note additional citations to other materials;
  • Shepardize all legal material to check status and to find additional pertinent resources; and
  • look for briefs of any underlying cases to see how issues were argued in the court below.

Encyclopedias from Gale Virtual Reference Library

Start here if you need a definition or explanation of your legal term.

Encyclopedias at the Library