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ACS 108 Critical Reading and Thinking

This ACS 108 Libguide will help reinforce the library research instruction.

ACS 108 Library Research Instruction

ACS 108 have partnered with the librarians to help students successfully search, retrieve and locate scholarly articles at the WCC library.  

Part 1  Instruction for what is the Web and Web Evaluation using CRAAP Model

Part 2 a. and b.   Instruction on the differences between magazine/newspaper/trade /scholarly journal articles and Article Evaluation using CRAAP Model.   Review of what is a scholarly article, and how to search and retrieve scholarly articles using WCC Library Research Databases.

In-Class Activities

Framework for Information Literacy

ACS 108 was designed to incorporate The Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education 

Specific Frames:

Authority is Constructed and Contextual

Searching as Strategic Exploration 

Research as Inquiry

Response Web