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Book Discussions

Beginning in the Fall 2020 term, this discussion series focuses on resources (books, movies, other media) available through the Bailey Library for users to explore and discuss.

December 2020 Selections

For the month of December we will be discussing the film "I Learn America". The focus of this month's discussion will be centered on the various journeys of the five main students in the film. Each student in the film had their own identity, concerns and family dynamic that they had to navigate in addition to the uncertainty of their immigration status in the United States. 

Questions to consider during your viewing of the film:

  • How were the students represented in the film
  • How were the student's relationships (to each other, to parents, to teachers) expressed in the film
  • Did the students have agency to tell their own stories about their experiences
  • If you were to choose this resources as a paper, what would be your topic? What additional resources would you gather?


Participants are encouraged to bring their own observations and questions about the film to be discussed. 

November 2020 Selections