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Book Discussions

Beginning in the Fall 2020 term, this discussion series focuses on resources (books, movies, other media) available through the Bailey Library for users to explore and discuss.

April Selection (Tuesday 4/20)

For the final session of "Immigrant Voices of America" we will be discussing the film "Lucky Grandma". A link to the film from our Kanopy database will be included below. While watching this film, take note of who and how the story is centered on which characters. Bring any other observations with you, so we can all benefit from perspectives that may be different than our own.

March Selection (Tuesday, 2/16)

To celebrate March as Women's Month, our conversation will discuss the experiences of Immigrant women in the United States. As we continue to focus our conversation on #OwnVoices, we explore how immigrant women strive to improve the conditions for themselves and their communities. 

Becoming Ourselves: How Immigrant Women Transformed Their World

A documentary about how a social justice organization based in Oakland, California--Asian Immigrant Women Advocates (AIWA)--focused on building the long-term collective leadership of limited-English speaking immigrants, and empowered women and youth to become powerful agents of social change.

February Selection (2/16)

For February we will further discuss the topic of #OwnVoices and the challenges minority voices face in the publishing industry through an examination of the controversy surrounding the book "American Dirt". Please review these following articles related to this topic:

January Selection (Tuesday 1/19) & February Selection (Tuesday 2/16)

This month's discussion will be on the film "Waking Dream".  Prior to watching the film, please read the following page by Gwen Vanderhage, MLIS "What Is #OwnVoices?" as this will be a driving topic in our discussion.


While watching please consider the following questions:

  • Does this film represent work that aligns with #OwnVoices
  • How can I find more resources that do
  • What identities constitute #OwnVoices, does it belong to a single group?
  • What is the difference between #OwnVoices vs diversity?
  • How would you cite an #OwnVoices tweet or thread for research?