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Learning Tools - English: ENG 170 (Short Story & Novel)

The purpose of this learning tool is to help students learn to study for English class. The focus is on learning how to study efficiently using the study cycle and improving reading & note-taking strategies.

Filling In Class Notes

Practice Makes Perfect

Here are Study Skills Workshops that are recommended:

  • Reading Strategies
  • Note-Taking Strategies
  • Motivation Clinic
  • How to Study
  • DIY Study Guide
  • Planning Projects

Memorization Help

Learning the Process

Here are tips for learning how to study literature more effectively:

  • Always Preview Readings. The EASIEST way to do this is to read introduction in the textbook for chapters & sections.
    • Use GOOD plot summaries
    • Look at author biographies
    • Learn a little bit about the historical context
    • Learn about cultural contexts (examples: art, technology, music, what's "cool," etc.)
  • Learn to use the SQ3R method
  • Keep a "T" chart to map out the differences between genres (ie short stories vs novels).
    • Keep a general one that explains overall features
    • Start a new one for each reading to make it easy.
    • Go to office hours to get help from the instructor building & correcting this chart
  • Participate in class
    • Take notes in the margin while you read. Mark things that
      • Surprise you
      • You like or agree with
      • You dislike or disagree with
      • You don't understand
      • You have a question about
    • Share one thing each class period
    • Try to answer one question every class period
    • Try to connect your answer to one classmate's answer every class period
  • Use the Writing Center OFTEN
    • Find 30 minutes to check your assignment with a tutor before it's due.


Keep Curious