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ESL - English as a Second Language

Use this guide to find useful resources for English language learning.

ESL Readers

ESL Readers in the Bailey Library can be found in green boxes organized by level at the end of the Reference section. Your ESL instructor will tell you which reading level is right for you. 

ESL Reading Levels:


Looking for ESL Readers online?  

  • Access ebooks online using the links below and login with your WCC Net ID and Password.

  • Click on the green "ESL Test Prep" tab for additional websites that provide reading practice.

Find books in print and online through your local public library with a public library card. 

ESL Support @ WCC

ESL Books in the Bailey Library

​ESL Readers
Look for the green boxes in the PE 1117 section of the library. Your ESL instructor will tell you which reading level is right for you.

English Grammar, Spelling, and Usage Books
Located in the PE 1106-1116 section, near the ESL Readers.

ESL Test Practice Books  
Find books to help you with the TEOFL and CaMLA EPT exams under PE 1128, near the ESL Readers.


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Free Mobile ESL Course

Word of the Day

Dictionaries and Vocabulary Builders

CD's and DVD's in the Bailey Library

Ask for DVD's and CD's at the library's Check-Out Desk. They can only be used in the library.

  • RES ENG 021 Rosetta Stone
  • 14-00101         Excellent English: Interactive Media Program.
  • 08-00899         Speak to Me: Interactive English Learning System. Set 2.
  • 08-00900         Speak to Me: Interactive English Learning System. Set 3.
  • 08-00898         Speak to Me: Interactive English Learning System. Set 1.
  • 08-00364         World Link Video Course: Developing English Fluency.
  • 08-01058         More of--The Real thing: A Skill-Building Book and DVD Set. ("Skill Book")
  • 08-01057         The Real Thing. ("Answer Key")
  • 14-00089         Live Action English
  • 05-01343         Writing Clearly: An Editing Guide
  • 15-00141         Active Listening: Building Skills for Understanding
  • 33-00064         New Vistas.
  • 05-01200         American Business English/ESL: the Fundamentals.
  • 05-01597         The Global Tongue: English.
  • 33-00063         Face the Issues: Intermediate Listening and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • 05-01198         Basic English: English as a Second Language.
  • 05-01199         Intermediate English: English as a Second Language.
  • 33-00062         Now Hear This.
  • 05-01951         The Real Thing.
  • 05-01952         More of--The Real Thing.