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Sustainability Literacy Resources Committee. The following questions are intended to get students in a variety of disciplines started on researching tree issues and solutions related to what they are studying.


International Day of Forests

Ecology of Trees

Ecology of water  (wetlands, ponds, creeks, rivers, lakes, great lakes, oceans, flora & fauna)

Books on Ecology, Climate Change, Weather & Forests

Topic of Discussion

Technology of Trees

Technology of Forests (fires, pollution, manufacturing, environmental engineering, conservation, global warming)


Michigan Tree Issues

Michigan tree issues   (fires, destruction, habitat loss)

Michigan Tree Issues Books

Human Health & Trees

Human health & trees (forest quality, treatment, food, farming, national parks, trees & children)

Equity and Diversity

Equity and Diversity Books/DVDs

National and Global Forest Issues

Global water issues (climate change, drought, inequities, river and aquifer depletion, politics)

Washtenaw County Tree Issues

Organizations -- Websites