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Event: The Human Library

Real people. Real conversations. Challenge stereotypes. Build understanding. unjudge someone.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021  12:00-3:00 p.m.

Event: An Evening with Tashia

An Evening with Tashia: Immigrant Voices on America 
A Bailey Library Dig In Series
March: Dig in Beyond Stereotypes
Join WCC's Librarian, Tashia Munson,  at 6pm on the third Tuesday of every month for discussions centered around Immigrant Voices on America. In book club fashion, participants are invited to enjoy one or many of the provided resources in advance and join Tashia's discussion to share your findings. 
For a list of recommended resources:
To join the conversation:  


Activity: Telling Your Story

Resources and inspiration for telling your story - Journaling, storytelling, memoir 

Activity: The Price is Right! WCC Textbook Edition

Did you know that over 30 WCC courses offer students FREE textbooks by using Open Educational Resources (OER)? Find out how much students save when they have access to OER textbooks! Guess the textbook price for each course before a FREE OER textbook option was made available.

Follow this link to play: The Price is Right! WCC Textbook Edition

Activity: Human Library Quiz 

We all have prejudices, even if we aren’t completely aware of them.
At the Human Library, we challenge prejudice by asking people to recognize their own unconscious biases and unjudge.
The following quiz will help you identify some of the prejudices and biases you might not even know you hold. Select the link above to get started!


Dig Deeper: Having Conversations

Ted Talk: Celeste Headlee - 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Dig Deeper