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ART 111

Use this guide to help you research topics for your artist's statement.

ART 111 Research

Step 1: Brainstorm Search Terms

What is your research topic? What are the main keywords and concepts? Example:

TOPIC: Milky Way SUB-TOPIC: Black holes






star system

blank space






Step 2: Browse Your Topic

Use "Topic Finders" to browse your topic visually:

Use "Browse Topics" for big picture overviews and possible angles: 

Use One Search to find subjects and keywords for your topic: 

  • Use the Advanced Search to break your search into concepts such as "milky way" AND "black holes."

  • Practice click restraint. Scan titles and subject terms for additional keywords.

  • Change your search terms and see how your results change. Highlight the most useful terms!


Use Fine Arts Databases to explore topics on art: 

Step 3: Find Articles

  • Once you've refined your search terms, find the most relevant articles by narrowing your database results by type of article, date, full-text, and more. 

  • Use One Search or try searching in a subject-specific database. View the full list of databases by subject using the link below. 

Books @ the Bailey Library