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BMG 293 Business Essentials

Use this guide to find print and electronic resources for BMG 293

Directions to Complete the Case Study Assignment

Go to the databases link from the library homepage Databases by subject.

Go To Business. Select Business Insights: Global. Enter Company name in main search box.

You will find Company information such as financials, articles, histories, market share reports, legal issues, and much more.

You can also find Case Studies information .

Click on Case Studies Box and on left column enter privacy in the search within box. You can also try using the Company name such as Facebook.

Go to the databases link from the library homepage Databases by subject.

Select AtoZ Databases.

Enter Company name in Business Name box upper left.

Select company from list of results. Select details for company information.

You will find Industry Profiles, Historical data, credit ranking, description, competitors, and more more,