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ENG 226

Finding Analysis/Opinion

Look for articles described as the following or include on one of the terms in your search:

  • Opinion

  • Editorial

  • Op-Ed

  • Analysis

  • Blog

  • Essay

  • Views

  • Viewpoint



Questions to Ask about Opinion Articles


  • Where was this opinion article published?
  • What makes it a credible source?


  • What is the author's opinion or viewpoint and why is it credible? 
  • Is the opinion coming from a place of experience or expertise?


  • Is the opinion well-reasoned or a rant?
  • Does it include evidence?

Google Search Tricks

Domain-Specific Search

When using Google, you can increase your odds of finding credible resources by using a domain-specific search to pull information from specific domains such as .gov, .org, and .edu (but you'll still have to evaluate all information your find!).

  • .govgovernment (Federal and state government agencies use the Web to publish legislation, census information, weather data, tax forms and many other documents)
  • .orgnon-profit organization (Nonprofit organizations use the Web to promote their causes. These pages are good sources to use when comparing different sides of an issue)
  • .edueducational institution (Even though a page comes from an educational institution, it does not mean the institution endorses the views published by students or faculty members)


How to Do a Domain-Specific Search

MLA Citatations