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GLG 104: Weather and Lab

For Weather Assignment

Browse Topics within a Database

Many databases provide a browse topics page -- Review the sections for weather related topics.

Academic OneFile is one example. See link below.

Research Databases for Geology

What is a Scholarly / Peer Reviewed Article?


Characteristics of scholarly or peer reviewed articles:

  • Authors are experts in the subject field. They are authorities in that field of study. Authors are highly educated.
  • Articles go through a peer-review process. This is the process where the article is read by recognized researchers in the field and recommend the article for publication in the journal. They look for errors in the article/research.
  • Articles are usually reports on scholarly research or case studies.
  • Articles cite their sources at the end of the article in the Reference section. 
  • Published monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.
  • Journals are geared toward scholars, researchers, professionals and college students.

Some examples of scholarly or peer reviewed journals:     

  • American Journal of Psychology
  • Foreign Affairs
  • JAMA: Journal of American Medical Association