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Learning Tools - Math

WCC Instructor Websites

Jason Davis’ websites for Foundations of NumeracyMath 067, and Math 097 are class-specific sites containing pen-casts, video lectures, TED Talks, and skills practice relating to class material.

Robert Hatcher's website contains skills practice, flashcards, and practice exams for students in Math 067 and Math 097. See also his free math apps on iTunes, specifically designed for students taking his classes, or anyone looking for extra practice on their math skills. Infinite problems, immediate feedback, badges to check progress are available for FREE.

Roger Palay’s website for Math 160, Math 170, Math 181, and Math 293 includes class syllabi, calendars, practice test, class topics and notes, calculator programs, and more.

Outside Resources

The following resources are intended to help you through the various Math courses offered at WCC; these resources cover concepts to supplement all of the courses from Math 067 up to Math 295. features countless high quality video tutorials on how to do a variety of math subjects, all conveniently located in a searchable list.  Watch the math explained in real-time by an entertaining instructor.

Wolfram Alpha is a tool that can be used to check answers on a variety of subjects and topics.  Simply type in your question, and Wolfram not only gives you the answer, it will provide the steps it took to calculate it plus any other related information that supports the conclusion. – This free algebraic calculator shows the steps as well as the answer, offers algebra lessons, and a mobile app. has a vast list of math reference tables with topics that range from algebra to calculus.  It also features a Math Message Board which serves as a discussion board for math talk and posting/answering math questions.

Math Centre has been setup to deliver free mathematics support materials to students, lecturers, and everyone looking for post-16 math help.

Patrick JMT is a dedicated tutorial site designed to help students through a multitude of different concepts using video tools and step-by-step problem solving. Similar to the Khan Academy, Patrick JMT is organized by category, and covers basic algebra, arithmetic, calculus, and more.

Paul Seeburger’s Dynamic Calculus Site provides lecture notes and sample problems for subjects ranging from algebra to differential equations.  These notes are easier to read than many standard textbooks, and the sample problems are clear and concise.

The Epsilon-Delta Limit has been covered in several WCC Calculus courses in the past, and has remained a part of the curriculum. A professor at Berkeley has written a proof that can be found at the link above. There are also videos explaining it on the Khan Academy website, which can be found below.

The Khan Academy provides supplementary tutorial videos to engage students outside of the classroom, covering Math, Science, Finance, Economics, and Humanities. Students can make use of the extensive video library, interactive challenges, and assessments from any computer with access to the web.