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Learning Tools - Study Skills

This guide includes Learning Commons workshops that focus on academic study skills.

Introduction to Study Skills

What are Academic Study Skills?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines study skills as "methods and techniques that aid effective learning, especially viewed as a set of skills that can be acquired or taught" In other words, study skills are strategies used to help with effective learning.

What's Underneath this Idea?

  • Learning something new does NOT require an endless amount of time
  • There are multiple ways to learn anything
  • All strategies have benefits, but some will make more sense than others & help you progress faster
  • Learning is NOT about inherent talent or personal intelligence
    • Learning is, itself, a skill!
    • You can get better at it!

Will this be on the test?

Nope! Getting dressed in the morning will also not be on the exam, but nobody can go to the Testing Center naked! Quite simply, good study skills builds up your intuition about how to use information from class lecture or textbook reading to solve your own problems. 

What will study skills do for me?

  • It will make you an independent learner that can foresee problems and solutions
  • It will allow you to study any skill or subject because you have a tried-and-true process
  • Save you time
  • Reduce frustration
  • Gain persistence


Thank you to the peer tutors that have contributed & revised resources for this page (listed alphabetically): Abisoye, Adam, Alejandra, Eliyah, Georgia, & Samantha.

I'm Sold! Where Do I Start?


This guide contains the workshop materials by topic. Each workshop contains a

  • PowerPoint slides that introduce important concepts
  • Resource file that is aimed at helping students apply concepts to their own context.

Feel free to download materials and use them yourself!


Workshop topics facilitated by peer tutors are available every semester. Please stop by the Learning Commons website to view offerings on the workshop schedule at .

Faculty: If you would like to have a tutor present a workshop during class time please get in contact with the lead tutor for your area. Please refer to the following webpage to find contact info for lead tutors:


Can't make it to a workshop date? Feel free to stop by any general tutoring drop-in study help sessions and go over materials with a peer tutor. See the schedule at the Learning Commons webpage at URL

Academic & Career Skills ("ACS") classes are geared toward exploring these topics formally. Please see the academic class schedule at URL: