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Learning Tools - TEAS Test Prep

Test Information

TEAS 6 is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI-TEAS Version VI). TEAS 6 is required for admission into the nursing program at WCC. TEAS 6 is a timed test.

TEAS 6 has these four sections (content areas):

  • Reading: 53 questions in 64 minutes (approx. 1 ¼ min. per question)
  • Math: 36 questions in 54 minutes (approx. 1 ½ min. per question)
  • Science: 53 questions in 63 minutes (approx. 1 ¼ min. per question)
  • English: 28 questions in 28 minutes (approx. 1  min. per question)

The scores required for admission into the WCC nursing program are:

  • Reading: 70.0 % or higher
  • Math: 60.0% or higher
  • Science: 45.0% or higher
  • English: 60.0% or higher

Do not take TEAS before completing Anatomy and Physiology course.

Three attempts within a 5 year period are permitted with the highest scores obtained being applied to admission requirements.  Current price is $70 per test.  More information regarding sign up can be found here.


TEAS Overview Presentation

TEAS Sample Test Questions

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