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Learning Tools - Anthropology

Learning Tools for student study help in ANT courses. Please contact the Learning Commons if you have suggestions for improvement.


The mission of the Learning Commons is

"to offer pathways for students to connect, integrate, & create ideasin order to deepen and develop  knowledge.”

Learning tools provide students with meaningful ways to practice skills & discover what they think about new ideas presented in class lectures and readings. These resources are developed by peer tutors and faculty fellows to make learning more accessible. Students are encouraged to make use of these resources to study independently or with a tutor. Please feel free to contact the Learning Commons with suggestions about how to improve & expand these resources more meaningfully.


Study Tips

Developing Study Skills for this Subject


Consider attending the following workshops to improve study skills:

  • Blackboard Basics
  • Getting Organized
  • General Test Taking Tips
  • How to Study
  • Notetaking Strategies
  • Textbook Reading Strategies
  • Office 365
  • Planning Projects

Improving study skills for College is important for independent learning. Picking up a few "study hacks" from tutors can help make you more efficient and productive.


The Learning Commons would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals to this resource:

  • Dr. Christopher Barrett, Winter 2021 Faculty Fellow
  • Alejandra H., Peer Tutor in Anthropology