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Get Finals Ready at The Learning Commons

This guide includes helpful resources for getting ready for finals and the end of the semester.

Quick Tips: Videos & Links

Affirmations To Use During Finals Week: Click Here for Video!

  • “With enough practice I know I can do this.”
  • “I will focus on doing the best I can with the time and resources I have.”
  • “I take breaks so I can be more productive.”
  • “I have worked hard every week and it will pay off in the end.”
  • “I know this material and I'm ready to practice.”
  • “I will have patience with myself, my classmates, and College staff to reach my full potential.”
  • “I am determined. My hard work powers my success.”
  • “I am grateful for where I am today and will keep going”
  • “I am doing my best and I am proud of what I have accomplished.”
  • "If I can understand the process, I can solve this problem."
  • "I can learn to use this technology, just like any other tool."
  • "I will challenge myself to spend five minutes learning something that intimidates me."


How to Answer Questions:

Below are some videos with tips about answering mixed-format test questions:

Don't Forget to Use WCC Resources for Each Step of the Way:

  • Bailey Library
    • Find Current, Relevant Research
    • Citation
    • Narrowing Key Terms
    • Learning About Different Types of Resources
  • The Learning Commons
    • Reviewing the Assignment Sheet or Rubric
    • Getting through required readings & research 
    • Help with taking notes
    • Help with technology
  • The Writing Center:
    • Creating Outlines
    • Citations
    • Formatting
    • Proofreading
    • Revising