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NUR 138: Nursing Concept III

Use this research guide to help you find evidenced based journal articles to support your class projects and discussion board topics.

Discussion Board Posts

Discussion bubbles blue and yellowNUR 138 Discussion Board Guidelines:

  • APA format required (citations/references)
  • Write a max of 250-word response
  • Evidence-based article required
  • No peer responses required

Mental Health Project

NUR 138 Mental Health Project

Purpose: Students will increase their own understanding and awareness of Mental Health Nursing through the shared experience of creating a tool to decrease stigma, increase awareness, and promote competence in Mental Health Nursing for nursing students. 

Consult your NUR 138 Mental Health Project handout for complete details.


  • Write 500-750 word paper
  • Class presentation
  • Tool for education
  • APA Style and Citation format
  • Sources:   Evidence-based articles, hospital policies, trusted websites, interviews, or other valid and reliable sources to gather evidence for components of the project. 

Teddy Bear Clinical Project

References cited in APA format, 6th edition revised

  • One evidence-based reference to support the risk your group is aiming to decrease
  • One evidence-based reference to support the strategy your group is using is appropriate for this age range
  • NUR 138 textbook may be one reference
  • Journal or another textbook may be used for second reference
  • References should be less than 10 years old