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RAD 120 Clinical Education

Use this guide for the requirements for radiographic contrast procedure case study paper.

Case Study Assignment


Use this guide to:

  • To complete the radiographic contrast procedure case study paper
  • Find peer-reviewed articles
  • Find additional credible sources on the Web
  • How to apply APA in-text citation
  • How to cite your reference sources following APA Style

Image source: FDA Fluoroscopy 

RAD 120 Clinical Education Research Assignment

Assignment Reference Requirements:

  • You must use a least three (3) sources from peer-reviewed reference material. 
    • Journal articles must be peer-reviewed and come from reputable sources such as JAMA, Radiation Therapist, Radiography Technology, and many others.
    • JAMA = Journal of the American Medical Association indexed in CINAHL Complete, but no full-text. The Library has a print subscription to JAMA.
  • There are many professional publication sources on the Web, and radiography texts that qualify.
  • You may also use any and all of your textbooks. 

Need help with your research? Reach out to Sandy McCarthy, Librarian Liaison, . You can also use Book a Librarian to meet with me virtually. If the times/dates do not work for your schedule, email me a time to meet and I can add it to the calendar for registration.

Topic Suggestions

The procedure you choose will be based on a radiographic contrast study.  Any procedure that involves barium or iodine-based contrast is acceptable.  Here is a listing of possible examinations to be researched:

Barium Enema Upper Gastrointestinal Study
Small Bowel Study Esophagram
Arthrogram of any joint Intravenous Cholangiography
O.R. Cholangiography Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography
Intravenous Pyelogram Retrograde Urography


Voiding Cystogram

Hysterosalpingogram Myelogram