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ART 150: Monuments and Cultures

About This Guide

Black and white photograph of Eiffel TowerThis guide is designed to help you navigate the research for your ART 150: Monuments and Cultures term paper. You'll find information about how to search for books, articles, and websites as well as different techniques for finding what you need. You will also find a list of resources you might find helpful for your specific term project. 

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What value are you getting from the Bailey Library?

What value are you getting out of the library? A 2013 outcome assessment study conducted by the Bailey Library and Institutional Research reveals the following:

  1. Every book you borrow is worth $45.00.
  2. Every e-book you view is worth $35.00.
  3. Every print journal you read is worth $140.00
  4. Every e-journal search you do is worth $0.25.
  5. Every media item you view is worth $120.00.
  6. Every time you seek research assistance is worth $15.00.
  7. Every library workshop you attend is worth $50.00.
  8. Every hour of use of a group study room is worth $25.00.

More importantly:

  1. You will persist academically more from one semester to the next if you use library resources than if you don’t.
  2. Your cumulative GPA and semester GPA tend to be higher if you use library resources than if you don’t.
  3. Your chance of scoring a C- or above in a course will be higher if you attend research instruction for that course than if you don’t.

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