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Learning Tools - Art

This is a learning tool for ART. It contains resources to be used when tutoring ART students.


Welcome to the Learning Tool for ART. The purpose of this guide is to collect helpful resources for use during study help, as suggested by students, peer tutors, & instructors. Find links to helpful websites, study guides, and other helpful content.

Please contact Arwa Malaibari (Lead Tutor for HSSA) with suggestions at or to learn about how to use these tools in a study session.

Currently we have Learning Tools for the following classes:

  • ART 130

Study Tips

  • Do your homework
    • Watch suggested videos & take notes
    • Read through assigned passages & take notes
      • Get help from a tutor
    • Go over assignments
      • Read the introduction
      • Understand the purpose
      • Make sure you understand all the terms
      • Rephrase the question
      • Do Part 1 before doing Part 2 -- they really are related!
        • Talk to a tutor to make sure you understand the connection between the parts
  • Focus on Terminology
    • Look up the exact definition in the book glossary
      • Write this definition in your class notes
    • Pay attention to how the instructor uses terms
      • Ask for examples & write them down in your class notes
    • Actually take time to study the images in the book
    • Look up the name online and find online images so you can zoom in on details
    • Read through the written description in the book & find it in the picture
    • Associate the name with the image
      • Use the name when you refer to it
    • Associate the name/image with the artist & year
      • Try to become familiar with artistic movements, philosophy, & trends
  • Become familiar with "Textbook Tools"
    • Glossary
    • Index
    • Captions
    • Introduction
    • Call out boxes
    •  Bold, italics, underline
    • End of Chapter reviews
  • Use the Writing Center for Writing Assistance

Developing Study Skills for this Subject

Here are Study Skills Workshops that might help students in Art:

  • Using the Syllabus
  • How to Study
  • Reading Strategies
  • Note-taking Strategies
  • Test-Taking Tips
  • Project Planning
  • Communicating with Instructors