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Comics and Graphic Novels

This guide provides helpful information about comic books and graphic novels as subjects of academic research.

Comics and Graphic Novels

image of comic text bubble with the word pow!Comics and graphic novels have had lasting impacts on literature, art, film, humor, politics, and culture. 

In academic research, comics and graphic novels have been studied not only in the fields of literature, art, and cultural history, but also in fields such as education - as a gateway to reading for children, an accessible medium for learning a foreign language, and more. 

How do I find comics and graphic novels?

1. Search for comic books and graphics novels in the library's online catalog.

Use subject terms:

comic books

graphic novels

2. Browse comics and graphic novels by topic using this guide

Comics and graphic novels are organized by subject and are not all shelved in the same location. Select a topic from the side menu for a selection of comics and graphic novels in the library.