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NUR 130: Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

This libguide has been created to assist the students in NUR 130 Health Promotion and Risk Reduction with searching, locating and evaluating research articles.

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McCarthy, S. (2021). What is a windshield survey? Washtenaw Community College Library. 

What is a Windshield Survey

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A windshield survey is an informal survey where the health professional drives around the community/area they are researching, and records his/her  observations.

For  Nurses to be able to knowledgeably plan services for a community, it is essential to know a specific community, identify health-related resources that may be helpful to members, and learn about gaps in services. A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population are noted. This data provides background and context for working in the community or for conducting a community assessment. A prize will be awarded to the best group using a grading scale of 4 (Meets or exceeds the objective), 3 (Good meets the objectives), 2 (addresses some of the objectives), and 1 (does not meet the objectives) by your peers using the survey.

Cities to survey:

Utilize the attached document (Windshield Survey) as a guide for the paragraphs for your formal paper.  When completed, print and turn in the document to the instructor. 

The completed community assessment will be part of your in class discussion.

If specific data is required to complete the survey you must reference the source and include a reference page using APA (6th edition) format.  Typically, information/data/statistics can be found online using government sites.  See the Web Links tab for resources.

Adapting a Windshield Survey


County Health Rankings and Roadmaps