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Biology 162 General Biology II Cells and Molecules

Use this guide for Bio 162 assignment.


Seacoast Marsh

Use this guide to learn about:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Research databases 
  • APA
  • Complete your BIO 162 assignment


BIO 162 Topics

  A. How are geneticists working to change plants to adapt to water of higher salinity?  Which plants are they working on and why? Explain how this relates to your experiment. 

  B. If you live in a seacoast area that receives saltwater from a tsunami, can you grow your usual plants the next year?  Which plants can you grow? Explain how this relates to your experiment. 

  C. How are soil scientists and agronomists working to control soil salinity?  What crops are best to grow in saline soils?  Explain how this relates to your experiment.


Lab Report Background Information