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BMG 140 - Introduction to Business

How to find company information for the BMG 140 company report assignment

BMG 140 - Company and Industry Research

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Company and industry research help you to assess the health and potential of a company within an industry.

Risk = any factor that could negatively impact a company's success and security.

  • Internal risk could include operations, logistics, or governance.

  • External risk could include changing markets, new competitors, or regulations. 

Growth = a company's ability to increase revenue or decrease expenses to expand a market or capture a larger market share.

What can I find on a company website?

Use company websites to:

  • access annual reports

  • find basic company information

  • find a code of ethics and social responsibility (if available)

  • learn about products

  • learn about company divisions

  • learn about company history

  • read mission and vision statements

  • read company news and promotions

A company website is primarily a public relations document. Carefully evaluate the information on the site for bias and keep in mind that the company isn't likely to offer information that isn't positive.