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ENG 140 Horror and Science Fiction

Use this guide to find background information and literary criticism about Horror and Science Fiction.


Background on Topics, Theories, & Works


Historical Context

Background Books & eBooks

Articles & Literary Criticism

Lenses of Literary Criticism

Through which lens will you analyze your literary work? Literary criticism can focus on a specific literary, philosophical, or psychological perspective. It may take into account specific political, economic, cultural, or historical factors related to the work. Examples of these "Schools of Literary Criticism" include:

  • Formalist 
  • Historical
  • Mythological 
  • Gender Studies
  • Deconstructionist
  • Post-Colonial
  • Postmodern
  • Psychological 
  • Sociological
  • Reader Response
  • Cultural Studies
  • Feminist


Use this search box to find books and eBooks in the Bailey Library. Your student ID is your library card. 

Try searching by title, author, genre, and/or combinations of the following subject terms:

  • criticism
  • history and criticism
  • horror
  • horror tales
  • gothic fiction
  • supernatural
  • science fiction 
  • science and fiction
  • (author name) criticism - for example Mary Shelley criticism 

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