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NUR 288: Nursing Concepts IV

This guide is designed for the Nursing Concepts IV Research Instruction.

Precision Searching and Reseach Databases Video

First Steps - Build a Search

Discussion about building a search

Step 1 Identify main concepts

Step 2 List related terms

Step 3 Form search statements

Step 4 Search iteratively --  From the PowerPoint


Review the PowerPoint in Blackboard with Assignment Pre-Reading for additional information.

Research Databases at WCC

Best databases to use for searching for and retrieving peer reviewed articles:

Nursing Clinical Database

Information included in Nursing Reference Center Plus

  • Information about diseases and conditions
  • Evidence-based care sheets
  • Content on nursing best practices and skills
  • Robust drug information
  • Management topics
  • Skills videos
  • CCMC Approved CE Modules