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NUR 288: Nursing Concepts IV

This guide is designed for the Nursing Concepts IV Research Instruction.

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What is Wikipedia?

The name wikipedia came from the Hawaiian word "wiki" meaning quick and pedia
from encyclopedia. According to the About Wikipedia, Wikipedia was founded in 2000 with the project name Nupedia. Wikipedia started off with highly q
ualified  contributors, but in 2001, Wikipedia moved to a more open contribution of articles from the public.

Reasons to use Wikipedia

  • Good starting point for a definition that will lead to other research.
  • Good sources to reading about your topic. Helps with narrowing a topic as well as gaining background information about the subject.
  • Identifies and defines search terms that can be used later in research databases.
  • Pages are cross-referenced to related information.

Reasons not to use Wikipedia

  • Lack of authority.  Wikipedia sites do not provide an author's name.
  • No peer review process.
  • Wikipedia allows anyone to create a login and publish.

Google Advanded Search

Google advanced search screen build your searchGoogle Advanced Search

Narrow down search results for complex searches by using the Advanced Search page.

Limit by:

  • Specific terms
  • Language
  • Region
  • Site or domain
  • Terms appearing (title, text, URL, links)
  • SafeSearch
  • File type
  • Usage rights

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Is a tool to help you find journal articles and conference papers, theses and dissertations, academic books, and other sources that you can also locate at the library.

When to use Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly articles and books, verify citations, and explore related resources. When books are available through Google Books, some of their content may be available online.

Limitations of Google Scholar


Most content does not provide the full text for free.

Never pay for an article. Search the WCC Databases for articles located with Google Scholar


Setting your Scholar Preferences to WCC Library will help you connect to online sources provided by the library. You will need to login to Google to set-up your settings.

Google Scholar Settings

  • Under Settings -- Select Library Links
  • Select up to 5 libraries. - Select Washtenaw Community College and World Cat Search