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HSC 147 Human Growth and Development

Use this guide to assist you with your research article assignment.

Helpful Sources to Select a Topic

Before you begin to search for information, identify a research topic about human growth and development.

Here are a few sources to help you select a topic:

PICO Search Strategy Form

PICO Search Strategy Form to help you with defining your topic and select terms:

Finding Background Information

To get a good understand about your research topic or subject, you may want to start by finding a subject encyclopedia article from The Gale Virtual Reference Library.  This database is a collection of over 150 subject specific encyclopedias.  Searching here first will help you with:

  • Understanding your topic
  • Identifying key words for searching
  • Help you narrow (focus) your research

There are many health and medicine subject encyclopedias to consult.

Scholarly Articles vs Popular Articles

What is a scholarly article?

Subject Headings

Finding and using the best subject headings for your topic is key to finding the best information. Here are some hints:

  • From your chosen topic, identify key terms
  • Find one great article and see how the database indexed the article by subject headings
  • Brainstorm synonyms for your key terms
  • Get help from your instructor or a librarian

Research Topic