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STEAM / STEM Library Immersion Programs

This guide is to be used with the WCC STEM Scholars along with their Library Research visits

STEM / STEAM DAY November 8

Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day is November 8   

Why celebrate STEM/STEAM education? It has been studied that students with strong science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics skills are better equipped to move society into the future. How can you celebrate STEAM/STEAM Day?

  • Review the Best in STEM Top Toys and Games 2020-2021 We all love a good game/toy
  • Encourage your friends to get curious about math and science activities
  • Find out which hobbies of yours are rooted in STEM subjects
  • Brush up on your own STEM related skills by taking a free online class
  • Meet some women in STEM

STEM Day Department of Energy

Ways to Celebrate National Stem Day from the U.S. Department of Energy. “The Department of Energy’s mission (like many other federal agencies and private sector companies) depends on STEM skills. Nearly 40 percent of our federal workforce are in STEM positions, and over 70 percent of our federal employees have a bachelor’s degree or higher.”

  • Subscribe to our STEM Rising Newsletter
  • Tour a National Laboratory (Virtually)
  • Boost Your Resume with a STEM Work Experience
  • Listen to our STEM Discoveries