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Mini Workshops

Mini Workshops provide a 15 minute crash course with key takeaways. Bailey Librarians can bring Mini Workshops right to your classroom. It's so easy!

News Literacy

Did you know that you live in a filter bubble?

This workshop will help students understand how they get their news, learn to recognize fake news, and discover ways to pop their filter bubble in order to explore the broad spectrum of news sources and viewpoints. 

Subject Database Kick-Start

How can I narrow my research to a specific field of study?

Many students are introduced to general library databases early in their academic career, but aren't aware that there are subject databases with articles galore for their specific field of study. This Mini Workshop will help your class zero in on the library databases and resources most useful for a specific subject. 

MLA/APA Overview

Why do we cite our sources? How do I cite?

Sign up for an MLA or APA Mini Workshop to give your students an introduction to or refresher on either citation style and help them understand why citation matters.  


How do we use information sources in research correctly? Is it plagiarism if we didn't mean to plagiarize?

This interactive Mini Workshop helps students understand how to avoid plagiarism and where to go for research help. Appropriate for Advanced ESL classrooms as well. 

Instructors Choice

What do your students need to know?

Bailey Librarians are happy to bring a customized Mini-Workshop to your class related to any assignment, research topic, or information need.