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Request a Research Workshop

Research workshops can be customized based on learning outcomes required for your class or a specific assignment. Bailey Librarians can bring research workshops right to your classroom. It's so easy!

Hands-on Research Instruction

Give your students the research skills they need to succeed in college. 

Each 60-90 minute hands-on research Instruction workshop is customized to the class assignment, research need, and/or field of study. Workshops can be held in GM118 (the library's computer lab), delivered to your classroom, or offered up over Zoom.   

Workshop topics can include:

  • Turning a research topic or question into a search for information
  • Finding credible information on the Web
  • Accessing and using the library's online databases
  • Successful research in a particular field of study (nursing, dentistry, business, communications, anthropology, etc.) 
  • Library Escape Room, a hands-on introduction to the library and its resources
  • Search & Destroy, a fast-paced, competitive, and fun game that teaches database skills and strategies

Research Activity with Course Research Guide

Give your students a tailored research experience. 

Ideal for classes or assignments in which students need to go beyond the basics and dig deeper. Research guides are curated online collections of books, e-books, websites, articles, databases, and relevant research how-tos for a specific subject or assignment. 

Librarians can create a custom research guide with related hands-on activities for a 60-90 minute research workshop. Students benefit by being able to return to the research guide as they complete their course assignments. 

Instructor's Choice

Give your students the research tools they need for your class. 

Bailey Librarians are happy to create a customized hands-on research workshop for your class related to any assignment, research topic, or information need.