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BMG 165 Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Management

Use this guide to find print and electronic information on sports and entertainment management.

Industry Resesarch

To understand a company and its competitors, you need to understand the industry of which it is a part.

Finding information about an industry includes the following steps:

  • Get an overview of the industry (market research, industry summaries)
  • Look for articles on trends and see if you can find forecasts
  • Gather statistics from government agencies and trade associations
  • Contact trade associations for additional information about an industry

Every company or business is part of an industry.  Likewise, every product fits into an industry.  Industries have been defined and codified by the U.S. federal government. Some industry information is organized by the industry code (a number) rather than the industry name.  There are several ways to identify the industry and obtain the industry code.


NAICS & SIC Identification Codes for Sports and Entertainment Management

Suggested codes for your research


Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Industry 711000

Other Performing Arts Companies 711190

 Sports Teams and Clubs: 711211

Other Spectator Sports: 711219

Promoter of Performing Art, Sports, Events with Facilities 711310

Promoter of Performing Art, Sports, Events without Facilities 711320

Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and other Public Figures 711410

Independent Artists, Writers, Performers 711510

Casinos 713210

Other Gambling Industries (Gaming)  713290

Golf Courses and Country Clubs 713910

Fitness & Recreational Sports Centers 713940

All Other Amusement and Recreation Industry 713990

Radio Broadcasting Stations  516110

Television Broadcasting Stations 516120

Media Streaming Distribution Services, Social Networks, Other Media Networks and Content Providers 516210

Sports & Recreation Instruction  611620

Sporting Goods Stores: 451110

Sporting & Recreational Goods and Supplies Wholesalers 423910

Sporting & Athletic Goods Manufacturing: 339920


Sporting & Athletic Goods Manufacturing: 3949

Sporting Goods Stores: 5941

Amusement/Recreation: 7999

Professional Sports Teams and Organizations:7941

Commercial Sports: 794


Government Industry Information

Databases to search for Industry Information