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Library Resources in Blackboard

Guide designed for instructors to add direct links to WCC Library electronic resources into Blackboard course site

Interested in ERes?

Still have questions? or want to use eRes?
Call Cate Karain at 734-477-8709 M-F from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, or email her at .

You can also visit the Library Access Services desk during the above hours.

eRes and Copyright - What you need to know

All reproduced materials submitted for Reserves must comply with the requirements of the Copyright Laws of the United States. For more information about Copyright click link below.

What is eReserve (eRes) ?

What is eRes?  eRes is the software system that the WCC Library uses to provide digital reserves to students.

What kinds of documents or files can be put on eRes?  Anything that can be delivered over the World Wide Web in digital format can be put on eRes.  Most documents are scanned and delivered as PDF files, but eRes can accommodate word files, sound files,  image files, and movie files - anything in digital form. Two things to remember:

  • Very large files take a very long time to download over a dial-up connection - will it be practical  to expect students to download huge files? Reserve staff can separate text documents into smaller files,  but sound, image and other files may not be able to be parceled out into smaller files.
  • Students must have the plug-ins or software to read the files on whatever computer they are using.  Adobe PDF readers, Real Player, Web browsers can be downloaded free from the web and/or come with standard  operating systems. Not everyone uses Microsoft Word as their word processor, and specialized formats may  require specialized software.

Pilot Project using Blackboard eRes

eReserve department is piloting the use of Blackboard eRes content collection.  Click on the document below to learn more about this pilot project.

ACS 123 piloted eRes during the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 semester.