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Faculty Guide to Adding Library Resources in Blackboard

Guide designed for instructors to add direct links to WCC Library electronic resources into Blackboard course site.

Linking to a Specific Article

You can provide a direct link to a newspaper, magazine or journal article you find in any of the WCC research databases in Blackboard.

This page will provide you with the options available to you and how to create the link for easy access on and off campus.

To provide off campus access to research databases, articles, and   e-books you must pre-append the URL link with  ezproxy address

Add a Direct Link to an Article from a Research Database

Another option is to embed a link to a specific article  from a research database into Blackboard.

Example 1. In Gale databases, click on the the "Get Link" URL located at the top navigation in any Gale database search.

Step 1: Copy this URL from Gale and paste into to your Blackboard course site.
Step 2: Select "Open in a new window."

Sample link from Gale to Blackboard

Example 2.  In EBSCO databases, copy the permalink URL located on lower right side of the article page.


Step 1: Click on permalink link and copy the URL.  Paste the URL to your Blackboard course site.
Step 2: Select "Open in a new window."

Sample link from EBSCO for Blackboard


Link to a Specific Subject Search

You can also execute a search from a database and embed the search link into Blackboard.

1. Select a database to search

2. Execute a search

3. Depending on the database vendor, you have two options.

   a. Ebsco databases use the Permalink - copy and paste link in Blackboard. 

   b. Append Permalink with Ezproxy for off campus access

   c. Gale databases use the Bookmark link - copy and paste link in Blackboard

   b. Append Bookmark link with Ezproxy for off campus access

Blackboard Instructions Step by Step