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Chemistry 105 Fundamentals of Chemistry

For CEM 105 class discussion boards

Chemistry 105 Discussion Board Topics


Use this guide to help you find chemistry topics and

research articles for your discussion board posts.


The tabs on the left are labeled according to your discussion board topics.



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Chemistry in Everyday Life

Watch the video to identify a topic related to chemistry. 

Chemistry is fun. No seriously!

Chemistry is fun. No, seriously! | Jordin Metz | TEDxTufts

Chemistry Experiments in 15 minutes

25 Chemistry Experiments in 15 Minutes | Andrew Szydlo | TEDxNewcastle

A Mole of Moles

Mark Rober and the Scientific Method

Myth Busters

Top 20 Best Myths Tested on MythBusters

Monty Python Scientific Method

Sheldon Scientific Method

The Big Bang Theory Scientific Method Clip Season 6 Episode 5

Chemistry Demonstrations from Penn State University