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Chemistry 105 Fundamentals of Chemistry

For CEM 105 class discussion boards

Discussion Board 3 Topic

Discussion board 3 It's Elemental presentation:      The 90 natural elements that make up everything

  • Physical/Chemical properties           
  • Atomic Structure/Isotopes                 
  • Discovery of Element
  • Orbital Diagrams                               
  • Electronic structure               
  • Bonding/Compounds
  • Lewis Dot Structure               
  • Reactivity/Ion Formation       
  • Chemical reactions                                                     
  • Facts/applications                  
  • Element Based Research (Journal Publications)
  • Sources cited  

Image credit:  Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivs CC BY-ND European Chemistry Society

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The Periodic Table of Videos from University of Nottingham

Periodic Table - Royal Society of Chemistry

Science in Context Database