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Seed Library At Washtenaw Community College

The Seed Library has germinated as part of the Food and Agriculture subgroup of the Washtenaw Community College Sustainability Council.

Returning Your Seeds to the Seed Library

Donating your seeds is easy.

At the end of your growing season, collect seeds from your best crops and keep some for yourself and donate some to the Seed Library. Make sure you label the seeds you harvest.

Seeds for the Seed library should be in envelopes labeled with the Seed Donation Label. You can print out a label at home from the website, or pick one up at the Library. You can use any envelope to return seeds, but do include a Seed Donation Label with your returns.

Bring your seeds back to the library, and we will process them and add them back into the library collection so others can check them out and grow!

What we accept:  We only accept open pollinated non-GMO natural seeds. 

Seed Donation Label

You can print out the PDF for the Seed Donation Label, or pick one up at the library!

Not sure how to fill one out? Contact us, or see the example, to the right.

Sample Donation Form