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Seed Library At Washtenaw Community College

The Seed Library has germinated as part of the Food and Agriculture subgroup of the Washtenaw Community College Sustainability Council.

How to Borrow Seeds

Borrowing Seeds

You do not have to check out the seeds with your ID to start a garden. image of seed drawer wih dividers

Select a seed packet from the collection. Each packet will provide you with seeds to start your garden. You can select as many different seed packets as you please, just make sure you sow your seeds. The seeds have been purchased from Ann Arbor Seeds and Nature and Nurture Seeds with the funding from WCC Sustainability Council. 

Your loan period is one growing season. We gratefully appreciate returning any harvested seeds from your growing season. You are not required to return any seeds to the Seed Library, but if you do, please reuse the original packet or label a new packet.

There a no late fees for returning seeds!

Organization of seeds:

The WCC Seed Library is organized into three categories: Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. This classification is based on how easy or difficult it is to grow your seeds. It is not based on how easy or difficult harvest your seeds after growing season. 

Blue category represents donated seeds back to the Seed Library.

Planting Calendar from the Old Farmer's Almanac

What to Select

The WCC Seed Library offers vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flower seed varieties to start your garden purchased from a local seed purveyor.

Easy Seeds 2024

Vegetables:     (seed numbers are an approximate number in each envelope - you may find more seeds than listed)

Peppers and Tomatoes Advanced / Difficult Seeds 2024

Vegetables Peppers and Tomatoes:  Start indoors before transplanting to outdoors after the last frost.Ark of Taste

Slow Food created the Ark of Taste to preserve unique & threatened foods. 

For more info about Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste visit the Ark

Hot and Sweet Peppers