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RAD 110 Clinical Education

Use this guide to complete the Cultural Competence in the Clinical Setting Assignment.

Cultural Competence in Radiogarphy

Why use this guide?

  • To complete the cultural competence in the clinical setting assignment.


Cultural Competence Project

Course Assignment 4: Cultural Competence in the Clinical Setting paper

  • Write a 2-3 page paper
  • Sources: Peer-reviewed articles, books, websites from healthcare
  • Use APA Style
  • Due: December 2022

Sub-Topic:   cultural, religious or minority group

Refer to your Assignment 4 Guidelines for more specific details about what questions to ask about your selected cultural, religious or minority group.

Articles Specific to Radiography Professionals and Cultural Care


Using the right key term(s) for your research is the first step to finding the information you need.

cultural care
cultural competence

cultural consciousness
cultural diversity
cross-cultural communication

transcultural care
transcultural health care
transcultural healthcare

transcultural medical care

transcultural nursing

transcultural radiography