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Events & Activities

Origins Poetry Open Mic
Tues. Nov. 17 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Origins - a poetry open mic honoring National Native American Heritage Month is co-sponsored by the WCC Poetry Club and the Bailey Library. The event will feature the work of WCC students, faculty, staff, and alumni on the theme of origins. Copies of the Origins anthology of poems, prose, and visual art will be available at the event. Bring a poem to read, pick a poem by a Native American poet from the virtual basket, or just come and listen. All are welcome! 

An Evening with Tashia: Immigrant Voices on America
A Bailey Library Dig In Series
November: Dig In to Culture
Join WCC's Librarian, Tashia Munson, at 6pm on the third Tuesday of every month for discussions centered around Immigrant Voices on America. In book club fashion, participants are invited to enjoy one or many of the provided resources in advance and join Tashia's discussion to share your findings. 
For a list of recommended resources:
To join the conversation:  


The National Museum of the American Indian is presenting the Native Cinema Showcase 2020 from November 18-27.  Featuring the best of Native film, this 20thanniversary celebration of the showcase will be held online so that all can enjoy the streaming films and interviews with the filmmakers.

Dig Deeper: Food & Culture

Food can be an excellent starting point for celebrating, empowering, and learning about different cultures. It is also an important lens through which to explore injustice and hidden histories that deserve a wider audience.

Colonization of Food

Sean Sherman (The Sioux Chef) explains how European colonization impacted indigenous food culture and knowledge.


The Globalization of Crops

Map of Country of Origin of Crops

A study from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture reveals the extent the world's food supply has been globalized. This map plots the center of origin and primary region of diversity for 151 different crops. Click the image of the map above to view a larger version. Click here to see more interactive maps.


Race, Culture & Food

Dig Deeper: Culture & Music

The Banjo

Stories of the banjo — who played it and listened to it, how it was played, and in what contexts – inevitably cross and confound boundaries of race, culture, class, region and gender. - from The Banjo Project

Rhiannon Giddens from the Carolina Chocolate Drops discusses the history of the Banjo, from its roots in Africa to its place in modern music.