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Research Toolkit: Use Google Scholar

Tools, techniques, and resources to help you find the information you need.

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How do I access Bailey Library's licensed copies of articles that I find via Google Scholar?

Before you search Google Scholar, you must select preferences in the settings menu. Once you set and save your preferences, you will be able to link to library resources retrieved with a Google Scholar search.

1. Click Settings on the Google Scholar page.

2. Click Library links

4. Type "Washtenaw Community College" into the search box and click the search icon.

5. Check all of the Washtenaw Community College boxes. Then click Save.

6. Now you're ready to search. In the search results look for the Washtenaw Community College full-text link. (Note: Sometimes the link is labeled with the database name and not the library name - as long as a link appears on the right side of the page, you should have full-text access).

7. If you are trying to access library articles off-campus you will have to provide your NetID.


Making Google Scholar Work for You

1. Why does the "Washtenaw Community College " link appear next to some items and not others? 
Google Scholar displays this link after comparing the citation to our list of electronic subscriptions. Keep in mind that Google Scholar does not know when we have the print version, nor can it match an incomplete citation. So if the item is not available for free via the web, be sure to search our catalog or One Search to see if Bailey Library owns that title.

2. Is everything in Google Scholar free?
No. Google Scholar includes many citations that link directly to publishers' web sites of which most will charge a fee for access. However, Bailey Library subscribes to a lot of the same or similar resources that can be accessed from our catalog or databases.

4. How comprehensive is Google Scholar?
Google Scholar searches open access materials as well as items from many publishers, including some of the resources to which Bailey Library subscribes. However, Google Scholar only searches a fraction of the published scholarly literature. Use library resources like the catalog, One Search, and specific databases to search for a higher volume of full-text information.

5. How do I search by author, or limit to certain publications or dates in Google Scholar?
Use Advanced Scholar Search (click the down arrow in the search box) which allows for author, publication and date range searching.