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Research Toolkit: Choose the Right Source

Tools, techniques, and resources to help you find the information you need.

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Knowing what type of information you need can help you choose the right source(s) for your research. Here are some starting points for choosing the best sources for your research.

  • Before you can determine what type of sources you should use for your research, you should have a topic in mind.
  • Your instructor may require you to use certain types of sources - be sure and pay attention to your assignment description. 
  • Many topics require a combination of different types of sources to gain a full picture.
  • Quickly evaluate the sources you find to make sure they'll work for you

The following infographic outlines different information needs and what type of information sources will work for those needs. Use it as a guide to help you decide what information sources to use in your research. 

Information Needs and Sources Infographic - A plain text version of this inforgraphic is available via a link below.

Information Needs & Types Plain Text PDF