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Research Toolkit: Find Pro/Con Articles

Tools, techniques, and resources to help you find the information you need.

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Good Starting Points:

These sources are a great starting point for choosing and investigating a pro & con issue. They provide background information on various controversial topics and can help you narrow your focus on the topic you've chosen to research. 

Opposing Viewpoints in Context contains articles with contrasting perspectives on issues such as gun control, genetic engineering, censorship, endangered species, etc. 

CQ Researcher contains in-depth, single topic reports with extensive references on controversial issues.

More tips for finding pro & con articles:


Tip 1: Get background information to explore topic and understand your approach


Tip 2: Come up with keywords that describe your topic. 


Tip 3: Put your keywords to use in other databases to search for articles that either support or oppose your topic.


It can be tricky to find articles that support a certain point of view.  Try one or more of these methods when searching:

  • Try a search term that has a point of view embedded in it (for example: "right to die,” “pro-choice,” etc.).
  • Some databases let you limit your search to editorials, opinion essays, or commentaries, from the Advanced Search page.
  • Add a search term such as debate, controversy, controversial, pro, proponent, support, benefit, opponent, opposition, con, counter, ban, negative, ethical, ethics, moral, rights, etc.